ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors (ERE) announced the release today of a special report that explores healthcare real estate investor sentiment in the midst of the worldwide epidemic caused by COVID-19.

Jamion Nash, author of the special report and a Financial Analyst with ERE, highlights that “Naturally, the effects of COVID-19 have shaken the healthcare real estate industry, but maybe not as much as expected.”

Titled, “Healthcare Real Estate Investor Insight,” this special report provides an overview based on interviews with a sample of healthcare real estate buyers from across the country, with a general consensus that healthcare real estate investors remain consistent in their pursuit to acquire properties, adjusting their strategies along the way.

“Although there has been drastic economic impact, many buyers see this issue lasting a short time, with healthcare operators and tenants being among the first to bounce back,” said Collin Hart, CEO and Managing Director of ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors.

To download a copy of the special report, click here.

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