If you are going through a private equity sale now or even thinking about it…this video is for you! In the last video of this series, we address the importance of having financial reporting requirements in your new lease with your private equity partner.

Think about if you were renting an apartment out to a prospective tenant; you would ask for a credit report or bank statement to ensure they could pay the rent.  The same applies with your new PE tenant!  Tune in to learn more about why it’s critical to retain this right as a landlord.

In the process of helping physician real estate owners across the country, we have the opportunity to learn a lot about our clients’ practices, what is driving them and the trends impacting their specialty. Give us a call to talk about your plans and how ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors can be a part of your long-term succession planning team.

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Investment demand, sale transaction volume, and valuations for healthcare real estate have reached historic highs. Even if a real estate sale doesn’t meet your current objectives, addressing potential partnership challenges early will maximize the value and security of your investment.