It’s hard enough being a physician while owning your practice and real estate, do you really need to learn real estate jargon to make informed decisions? Yes!  ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors is breaking down the Top 10 Real Estate Jargon to help you gain a better understanding.

If you own your practice and real estate, you might operate multiple entities in the building whom all have leases and pay rent for the space they occupy. When you decide to sell your practice real estate, the buyer may want you to simply the landlord/tenant relationship in your leases; this can be accomplished with a master lease.  Tune in and Collin Hart will explain why and how you can benefit from it.

Our goal is to educate physicians surrounding their practice real estate. If you’re interested in learning more or have questions about the market, contact us today.

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Investment demand, sale transaction volume, and valuations for healthcare real estate have reached historic highs. Even if a real estate sale doesn’t meet your current objectives, addressing potential partnership challenges early will maximize the value and security of your investment.