ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors (“ERE”) is pleased to announce the successful sale of a 12,771 SF ASC and ophthalmic clinic portfolio in middle Georgia, housing a practice that hosts six market leading providers.

With three owners in the real estate and four in the practice, partnership interests were already beginning to separate.  Further, with the one of the partners on the verge of retirement, additional misalignment was on the horizon.

ERE was exclusively engaged by the physician real estate partners to structure a sale and leaseback transaction surrounding their two owned locations.  ERE educated the partners on their options surrounding lease structure and the resultant impact.  With a long term outlook, but the potential for a private equity sale in the future, the partners elected to optimize their rent, balancing the short-term interests of high sale proceeds with long-term sustainability.  ERE conducted a discreet marketing process to generate numerous qualified offers, ultimately executing the sale at a record setting value, resulting in very satisfied clients.

The transaction was led by Collin Hart.

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Investment demand, sale transaction volume, and valuations for healthcare real estate have reached historic highs. Even if a real estate sale doesn’t meet your current objectives, addressing potential partnership challenges early will maximize the value and security of your investment.