Reason #5 – You’re Unlikely to Get the Best Possible Outcome

Initial Preparation is Critical We’ve received numerous calls from our clients referencing unsolicited offers to sell and leaseback their practice real estate. While the prospect of a quick deal can be exciting, there is a lot more to it than you might think. We created this video series as a way to educate you on the topic!

ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors focuses exclusively on providing healthcare real estate solutions. Our firm specializes in representing leading physician groups in structuring sale and leaseback transactions on their clinical and surgical center real estate.

We function as a conduit between physician partnerships and institutional real estate investors, the most aggressive buyers in the market. We are a real estate brokerage, but take an advisory approach, expertly positioning our clients for a real estate sale as part of succession planning surrounding their practice real estate investment.

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Investment demand, sale transaction volume, and valuations for healthcare real estate have reached historic highs. Even if a real estate sale doesn’t meet your current objectives, addressing potential partnership challenges early will maximize the value and security of your investment.